Our team of professional certified massage therapists (CMT) offer a variety of techniques to promote relaxation, improve circulation, and release anxiety, whether a clinical or therapeutic massage.

Relaxation Massage
Achieve total relaxation while a therapist massages you using long, smooth, and relaxing strokes with moderate pressure. This massage helps reduce stress and improves circulation.

30 minutes   $55
60 minutes   $80
90 minutes   $110

Deep Tissue Massage
Ideal for those who prefer a more intense therapeutic massage. It targets core muscles throughout the whole body. Benefits include relief of sore muscles, backache, and stress.

60 minutes   $80
90 minutes   $115

Hot Stone Massage
This massage incorporates strategically placed, smooth heated stones, increasing its soothing effect. Benefits include improved circulation, relief of sore muscles, and a renewed sense of vitality.

60 minutes   $85

Aromatherapy Massage
A traditional Swedish massage combined with the essential oils of your choice. Benefits include improved circulation, and the release of toxins for optimal physical and mental well-being.

60 minutes   $80
90 minutes   $115

Duet (Couples) Massage
Enjoy any of our massages with someone special in our spacious  couples room with two certified massage therapists. (60 minutes)

Duet Massage (for two)   $160

Pavlova Massage Membership
Now you can enjoy a Pavlova massage on a regular basis at a competitive price. For a monthly membership fee of only $59 you get one 60-minute massage at no charge and unlimited additional massages for just $54 each. With no additional membership fee, your spouse can also enjoy unlimited massages for just $54 each. Available Monday-Friday, call for details and to enroll.